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How I Would Have Done The DC Universe Part 2: The Flash and the Green Lantern Corps

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Okay, so if you read my last article, you know I favor the Superman and Wonder Woman storylines kick-starting the D.C. Universe. Now, it’s time to talk about the next movies in the order, which will both take place in 2014. The first movie is The Flash; The Fastest Man Alive. After that, the next movie is The Green Lantern Core. The directors I would choose for these two movies would be David F. Samburg, the guy who directed Shazam, and James Wan, the guy who directed Aquaman, to direct Green Lantern core.

Let’s talk about the Flash. I will be the first to admit I did not like who D.C. picked to play Barry Allen. First, he does not look like the comic book version of The Flash. I have always been a fan of sticking to the source material. If someone else created a character, you need to be as true to it as possible. My pick would be Andrew Garfield.

We know Garfield for his role in The Amazing Spiderman. He has that youthful look that Barry Allen has and also has proven he could play a superhero. It also does not hurt that he has acted all over the acting world, on the large screen and on Broadway.

I would cast Emma Stone to play Iris West. She would perfectly fit the mold as she has the acting chops to tackle the character and looks like the comic book counterpart. She also dated Garfield in real life at one point, so their chemistry on-screen would be amazing. They also did Spiderman together in the current timeline. So acting together in this altered timeline would prove to be no problem.

The next person I would cast would be Ryan Gosling, and I would select him to play Eobard Thawne the Reverse-Flash. Marvel and D.C. both have approached Gosling to play characters in superhero movies in the past and he always declined, mainly because he did not want to act in multiple movies, as the stipulation in the current cinematic universes. I would tell Gosling he would only have to play Thawne for this movie, and if he came back for a future movie, the role would be his. He is an amazing actor and could nail this role as the second most despicable person in the D.C. Universe.

So we have our three principal characters and a super trio cast. Now, we get into a supporting cast. The supporting characters I would use for this movie include Wally West, Linda Park, Hunter Zolomon, Dr. Ashley Zolomon, Amanda Waller, General Wade Eiling, and Captain David Singh. The reason I chose those characters is that they all could play factors in potential sequels.

The storyline I would write for this movie would involve Barry getting his powers and learning how to use them while meeting Iris West and falling in love with her. All the while, the Reverse-Flash has traveled back in time with one goal; destroy the Flash. He aims to destroy Central City and everything Barry loves because he knows it would harm his rival. The battle between the Flash and the Reverse-Flash leads to government agency characters like Waller and Eiling getting involved and thus having the Flash’s first introduction to the actual world. I would end the movie by having Barry send Thawne back to his timeline and getting him arrested. This would open up the option for returns and sequels if Gosling returned. To tease a sequel, I would show a spaceship crashing onto an African home where gorillas roamed, and thus turning a certain Gorilla into Gorilla Grodd, setting up a villain for a future movie.

For the Green Lantern core, I would keep it simple. I would get Ryan Reynolds to play Hal Jordan (again) because it was not his fault the movie did badly. I would cast Anthony Mackie as John Stewart, stealing him away from Marvel before they used him. Those two actors could co-lead a large ensemble movie. I would cast Blake Lively as Carol Ferris because similar to Reynolds, she did a good job. Next, I would cast Tony Todd to play Atrocitus, the leader of the Red Lantern core. I would not use Parallax, but I would use these characters. I chose Todd because he has a dominant voice and could easily nail any role he plays, especially villainous characters.

For minor characters, I would use the entire Red Lantern core, the Guardians of the Universe, Kilowog, and Sinestro. I would keep most of this movie in Outer Space because the Green Lanterns thrive more in outer worlds. For the storyline, it would be Jordan and Stewart having to put their differences aside to work together to save the universe. They would have to unite as Green Lanterns to fight off the evil Red Lantern Core and save Oa and the entire galaxy.

This movie would serve several purposes. The first would be to establish the Green Lantern core in this universe, and several Green Lantern characters. The next would be to set up future movies with characters like Sinestro and Ferris. Lastly, it would be to set up the point that the Green Lanterns sometimes would get busy with an enormous battle in space, so it would be a convenient excuse if they were not around to help other characters.

These two examples are how I would do a Flash and Green Lantern movie in the year 2014. In these two articles, I have introduced four major characters from the Justice League in two years. The next article will tackle how I would introduce Batman in March 2015 in a movie I like to call The Batman.


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