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How I Would Have Done The DC Universe Part 6: Wonder Woman Attack of the Sorceress

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

So in this new timeline, I have created, DC Comics has released seven successful movies, including two Superman movies. It is time to do a sequel to the Wonder Woman movie. In the real timeline, that movie was Wonder Woman 1984 and led to mixed results. This movie would come out in June 2016. I would call it Wonder Woman; Attack of the Sorceress.

Let’s start with the villains. In this scenario, Cheetah would still be one of the two antagonists. However, I would not use Maxwell Lord at all because he is one of the weakest villains in the D.C. Universe. Instead, I would add one of Wonder Woman’s more memorable antagonists Circe.

Circe is a sorceress, so this movie will include plenty of magic, only done correctly. I would cast the legendary Helena Bonham Carter to play Circe. I would return Gadot as Wonder Woman and bring in Kristen Wiig as Barbara Ann Minerva, aka the Cheetah. Besides that, I would bring back Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Other characters I would use for this story include Hippolyta and Antiope and bring back Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright to reprise their roles. I would also bring back Harry Lemix as the Martian Manhunter in a surprise cameo role.

The storyline is simple. Set after the events of Man of Steel 2, the world is more familiar with superheroes, except for one. In this universe, Wonder Woman has not emerged since World War 1 and no one knows about her. She has adjusted to civilian life in the nearly hundred years since the events of the first movie. However, something is about to change that. Something attacks her in broad daylight and she does not know what hit her. It turns out to be Circe. Diana has never felt a force as strong as this. Circe tells her that her mother is the reason for this and she will keep attacking Diana until she has taken her revenge.

Meanwhile, Diana has a friend named Barbara Ann Minerva. They work at the same museum and both have begun a friendship based on ideals, but something is missing in Barbara’s life. She is unhappy with herself. She doesn’t like her looks or her accomplishments, much like Barbara in the Wonder Woman 1984 movie. As part of her plan, Circe introduces herself to Barbara and turns her into a ‘beautiful woman with strength’. Since this is Circe, there will be consequences later.

Diana returns to Themiscyra, hoping someone could give her some answers. Hippolyta explains the relationship between her and Circe and reveals that she stopped Circe’s plan to take down the Gods. Therefore, Circe resents her and all Amazons. Hippolyta warns Diana to be careful and not battle Circe, but the Amazonian Princess refuses, stating she must defend her family’s honor.

Wonder Woman seeks Circe who counters with a spell that brings back Steve Trevor. This time, he appears out of thin air, not stealing anyone’s body, because that would be weird. Steve’s reappearance distracts Diana, and it allows Circe to attack Themiscyra. Because of this, many Amazons die and Circe has kidnapped Hippolyta.

Barbara sees the effects of the transformation and feels more cat-like. Circe appears and tells her she should have been more careful about what she wished for.

Diana tracks Circe down to her island and confronts her, but Circe surprises her by revealing Cheetah. Not just this, Circe has also taken Steve. Circe agrees to give Diana her mother back if she can defeat Cheetah in combat. This starts a large fight scene between Wonder Woman and Cheetah. In the end, Diana wins but refuses to kill Cheetah. Because of this, Circe claims the deal is off.

Diana battles Circe, withstanding all of her magical attacks, and taking every hit Circe throws at her. It looks like Wonder Woman is on the ropes when Hippolyta throws a spear at Circe, wounding her, but not before Circe sends a magical force toward Steve, critically wounding him. Circe creates a portal to escape, and Cheetah washes away out to sea. Diana cradles Steve in her arms, watching him die for a second time, and her mother comforts her.

The movie ends with Wonder Woman revealing herself to the world. She tells the people of the world that she plans to uphold justice much in the same way Superman does. She now lives in New York City and believes that her mission is over. In the very last scene of the movie, the Martian Manhunter appears to her and informs her he and Superman are seeking a partner with talents such as yours. Diana agrees to meet Superman.


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