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How to Write a Book Part 1: Getting Started

Updated: Jun 18, 2023


So you like writing but do not know how to write a book or where you should begin? In hindsight, it should be easy. You come up with a great idea, and then you execute it. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There are a numerous factors that go into writing your book. Today, we will discuss the first steps and how to write a book.

How to Write a Book: Where to Begin

One of the things to understand about writing your book is getting started. Getting started is the toughest part, especially when considering where to begin. Before you begin, you must understand your process. How do you get started? What are you trying to accomplish? Who is this book for? Once you know that, you will see what you want to write.

Establish the Broad Topic

Before you figure out how to write a book, you probably want to know the topic you will pen out. Establishing the broad topic of what you are writing is essential. Often, authors do not have a set genre, and their story is all over the place. It is crucial to establish a topic and stick with it. Therefore, it helps you identify your audience and set a goal about who you aim to write for and what you hope to accomplish. Once you set that goal, stick with it.


There are two types of writers. One is a writer who does nothing but follow the outline regardless of changes. Then, there is the writer that does everything off the top of their imagination. We call the first one a plotter and the second a pantser. A plotter goes after every single detail.

Conversely, a pantser does not plan a thing. I am a hybrid. For example, I will outline characters and who they are interacting with. But I will not plot specific locations. I will state that these characters are having a conversation at a restaurant. However, I will name the restaurant later. I also take the same concept with where many of the characters work.

Write The Story

Once you have decided what you are, it is time to write the story. You can do this on your own time. Some writers take three months to write a book. Likewise, it takes other writers a year to write. It all depends on your pace. Regardless, set a schedule to keep yourself in line to get the story.


Writing a book is not easy. When you write your book, you create characters with brand-new stories for readers to enjoy. Thus, you must always understand the step-by-step process that goes into everything you write. Ensure that it is entertaining and enlightening so readers will clamor for more. Be sure to catch my next writing article, which will be on editing.

About Robert B. Hayek

Robert B. Hayek has been a thriller author for a decade now. He writes stories to entertain and advises other authors on appropriate steps. He has four published books, all available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and numerous other online retailers.

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