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Icarus A. Glass: Telling His Story Through Multiple Formats

Most authors set out to create a tale and attempt to figure out how to get that story out into the world. Others have a set plan and use various platforms and designs to gain a following. Meet Icarus A. Glass, the host of “The Strange Tales of Icarus”, a podcast intended to promote the links of indie authors and other aspiring writers.

“I began writing when I was eight years old,” Glass recalls. “I had a very active imagination which led to me having problems with daydreaming. One day I decided to write my ideas down and it has been my heart’s desire ever since.”

Over the last few months, Glass has worked on perfecting a podcast, in which he hosts with various interchanging topics.

“Some of the topics include absurd things like grave robbing and mad scientists,” Glass elaborated when asked to describe the podcast. “Other topics include what it’s like to be a writer and the struggles that we go through trying to make it an industry that is pretty bloody.”

One of Glass’s earlier works, include a short story podcast titled “Red Lipstick”, which is a story about a woman confessing her crime into a mirror. The variety of stories in which Glass tells displays his adaptability as a writer and a storyteller. Recently, he debuted a new podcast.

“I just completed the first episode under the new format and have acquired a co-host,” Glass entailed.

Some past episodes he has featured include “Trucks and Revolvers”, a true story about two young girls walking through the woods and encountering a deviant father and son, and “Curiosity Killed the Cat”, which is a tale of a young mother that crosses paths with a savvy detective. The podcasts range from six to 10 minutes long, depending on the storyline.

Besides his podcast, Glass also has several articles available to read and is working on a book.

“I am in the process of writing the first novel in my series “The Cleansing”, which is about the battle between God and the Devil,” he added.

Glass does not have a website yet, but is creating one. In the meantime, he is using Twitter to promote any new projects he has on the agenda. He has an account on Wordpress, which he shares to his Twitter feed and promotes various articles he works on. His plan is to create a multitude of stories that extend to a captive audience.

“My ideal story if something that is thought provoking as well as entertaining,” he added. “I hope to make the writing world a better place for aspiring talent. I want to open the door where there wasn’t one before.”

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