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J.E. Rowney: The Presence You’ve Been Waiting For

A girl from Yorkshire hills in England grew up dreaming of becoming something big. She set out with goals and a plan to do just that, and through those goals, executed that plan to publish several books and an award-winning poem. She wrote two bestselling poetry collections, Desire Lines and How The Heart Behaves.

“I used to write a lot of poetry when I first started out,” J.E. Rowney recounted when asked about her original work. “I find it a good way of exploring how to use language to paint a picture.”

That girl from Yorkshire attributed her love of writing to her early childhood days to the family that cared for her.

“I’ve always enjoyed creating characters and stories,” Rowney lamented when asked of her origin story. “I read a lot from childhood, but my grandparents used to make up stories for me, so this kind of creativity was ingrained from an early age.”

Rowney’s current book Ghosted, available on Amazon in Kindle, Audiobook and Paperback, tells the story of two young women and their tight friendship that gets shaken when one of them vanishes.

“Violet and Zoe are best friends, joined at the hip... until Zoe vanishes,” Rowney detailed her story’s plot. “Meanwhile, Violet struggles to juggle a new relationship and a demanding job as a midwife where she meets a mum-to-be who faces her own unexpected challenges. I used to work as a midwife, so creating the character of Violet was an easy pleasure! I love the relationship between the two friends and I enjoyed writing the book very much. I’ve recently worked with a great narrator to bring the book to Audible as my first audiobook, which has been an amazing experience.”

Ghosted is a testament of years of hard work and just how far Rowney has come since her early days.

“When I wrote my first novel Charcoal, my goal was simply to write a book,” she explained. “I had wanted to do that for such a long time, and I finally came to a point in my life where I had the time and motivation to fulfill my dream.”

Some writers work in their homes or coffee shops, but Rowney worked on her manuscript on the train. It helped her pass the time and gave her some fleshed out creativity to hatch out her characters.

Rowney takes her time when creating and crafting storylines and is sure to take time to great a well-rounded story. She recounted one of her favorite stories that she worked on.

"Derelict was such a great book to write,” Rowney said. “I enjoyed the research process because a lot of the book focuses on urban exploration. I find old, abandoned spaces fascinating, especially in terms of how that relates to the people who once used them and the symbolic link to people’s lives.”

As she continues to build herself, Rowney hopes to build a solid base and achieve higher levels of success daily. Rowney’s website contains her novels and her poetry. It also details her plans and information on how to join her mailing list.

“My goal is always to engage and entertain readers,” she declared. “When people give me positive feedback and look forward to reading my next book I feel like I’ve achieved what I set out to achieve.”

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