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James Fuller: 13 Stories of Experience

Authors are all at different stages of their careers. Some are attempting to publish their first book, while others are striving to republish stories they have written before. Others, like James Fuller, are about to release their 13th book.

“I have learned everything from book one to book 13,” Fuller replied when asked about what he has learned from the start of his writing career to this upcoming 13th book. “I have improved my writing craft tenfold. More show, don’t tell.”

After 13 books, he has amassed a vast amount of experience and learned many aspects of the publishing business, and how to promote himself and his stories. It also gave him a certain amount of respect and appreciation for each story he has ever written.

“Each book holds a special place in my soul,” he added. “But What Remains (his dystopian

novel) and Until Death Do Us Part (his paranormal erotica) are in my opinion some of my best works. Both stories are deep and enriched with anti-hero characters in unforgiving worlds.”

Until Death Do Us Part was an interesting story with a cool story. Fuller revealed that he had never intended to write an erotica but did so when he learned about the stigma about erotica. There was a stigma that male authors could not write the genre, so he tackled the challenge.

“I decided to attack the problem and write one hell of an erotica series, and it is slowly but surely helping turn the stigma around,” he explained.

His 13th and most recent book, Precious Amber, is about a six-year-old girl that struggles against her kidnapper who was once someone she thought of as her friend. The story takes on her physical and psychological battle with her kidnapper, and her struggle to survive it all.

“This book was the hardest I have ever written,” he recalled. “Also a genre I never expected to write in. I hated writing this book a lot. It deals with subject matter that hits very close to home for me and was also one of the biggest reason I stopped writing for three years.”

He revealed that the source material demanded he create the story, and it helped him chip away at it.

“There were no favorite aspects to writing this story,” he continued. “I hated every mom

ent of it, but it is done and one of my best sellers, which is both amazing and disheartening.”

One common aspect of Fuller’s stories is his use of the anti-hero. It is something he takes joy in working with.

“I love them,” he beamed. “Everyone wants to be a hero, but in truth 99% of us never would be or could be, most people would be fodder or mindless followers to either the good side or the bad. But what about the black sheep of the world? The ones that would walk away from everything and do things for themselves? Those are the good stories, the ones that seldom get told, that show a side of humanity that more people need to see.”

Being an independent writer has taught him a lot about the writing world and given him some valuable lessons to work with. But there is one important lesson that he has come away with.

“Don’t write to make money, because 97% of us never will, write because you want to, because something inside your soul demands it of you.”

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