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Marketing Your Book and How My Mistakes Shaped My Upcoming Release

If you know me, you have probably heard me go on about the release of my next book called Jon Drake. I have talked about it endlessly and you probably have learned a few facts about it. That also brings me to what I am going to discuss today; marketing your book.

When I self-published years ago, there was no proper marketing plan. I promoted on Facebook and tried to sell on the market, but achieved no genuine success. So what is the plan now? A drastic change in how I do business.

For Jon Drake, and future novels, I have a set marketing plan that I look to enact to ensure that my books have a chance of selling. My first step is to create a Twitter marketing plan, allowing people to know that my book exists. Likewise, I also will use Instagram and Facebook to promote my stories. I will do this within two months of the release. I have already started this process with Jon Drake.

My next plan of action was to hire an artist. I asked this artist if she could draw seven of my characters. I highlighted that I wanted three full-body versions for my major characters and four headshots for my supporting characters. She got to work on that.

After this, I hired a man to do a book trailer for Jon Drake. He gave me the option of a 45-second trailer or a 75-second snippet. I chose the 45-second trailer and went into detail with what the characters were like and the style I want the trailer to convey.

With these character drawings and a book trailer, I am going with a simple yet effective marketing tool of getting Jon Drake out there. That way, people can see that I am serious about this story and how much I care about it.

Once November 1st comes around, I will have two different promotions to spread across social media. I also plan to make some additional marketing videos of my own. That way, people can see my book and know what it is about. There will be articles about some of my characters as an in-depth way of looking at the plotline and the motivations, without giving away too many spoilers.

When Jon Drake comes out, I will get to work on setting up the Twisted Society, my next novel. Then, I will repeat the process with that story and ensure that everything goes according to plan. I will continue to come up with new creative ways of marketing my book and not repeat the mistakes of the past. But the number one advice I have ever received; do not give up and keep going. The best course of action is to always keep trying new and innovative ways of making things happen.

To get your book out there, be creative. There are millions of authors attempting to do the same thing you are, and the best way to sell books is to appeal to a reader that will like your story. I can explain my story in one sentence. That is the most effective marketing tool you will need to ensure that your book sells.

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