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Packers vs. 49ers Week 9 Recap

Okay, let’s not waste any time. Let’s review how the 49ers did in their blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers.

QUARTERBACK: Nick Mullens predictably struggled. He is an average backup quarterback, and he played like one tonight. It did not help that Mullens had no weapons, yet that does not excuse the poor play. He held the ball too long and made awful throws. The 49ers will need a new quarterback this offseason, and Mullens is not the answer.


RUNNING BACK: Jerick McKinnon was average, nothing spectacular. He was able to get some first downs, but otherwise had no impact on the running game. Jamycal Hasty was terrible, and displayed exactly why he is a practice squad player. This team misses Raheem Mostert badly.


WIDE RECEIVER/TIGHT END: Richie James started the game efficiently, but dropped passes as the game went on. He scored a touchdown in garbage time. Ross Dwelley and Jordan Reed were non-factors. The 49ers missed their starting wide receivers terribly in this game.


OFFENSIVE LINE: The 49ers could not block the Packers pass rush, nor could they open up lanes for the running game. They were below average tonight, and displayed why the 49ers need another tackle this offseason to shore up the line.


DEFENSIVE LINE: Once more, this 49ers team had virtually no pass rush. Arik Armstead was a horrible re-signing. He always runs right past the quarterback and even allowed old man Aaron Rodgers to run for a first down.


LINEBACKERS: Fred Warner had 10 tackles, and Javon Kinlaw had four. Aaron Jones did gash them through the ground early on, however. Otherwise, despite being the strongest part of the team today, this unit also struggled.


SECONDARY: Aaron Rodgers had his day with the secondary, which shows that the 49ers need to improve this unit. Emmanuel Moseley made one excellent play, after getting burned by Davante Adams. The Packers had their way with the 49ers secondary.


COACHING: Kyle Shanahan did the best with what he had. Despite whooping Matt LaFleur twice last season, he could not keep up tonight. That is not his fault completely, but he deserves some blame.


OVERALL: The 49ers were awful. It was expected. They were down to third stringers. Now, we get to see how they bounce back from this as they head to New Orleans. They likely do not make the playoffs this season, but that might not be a bad thing, especially if it allows them to regroup and come back stronger next season.

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