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Sonia Rosa: The Logic in Your Emotions

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Writers do not come in one form. Some write large-scale novels with fictional tales, and others use their talents to express importance on other issues at hand.

Sonia Rosa Ciocca studied Philosophy at Columbia University, and that was where she refined her writing skills. It was her experience there that allowed her to hone what would become a series of articles and short stories.

“I’ve always been interested in creative pursuits, mainly music and literature,” Ciocca highlighted. “I read a lot as a child, and would lie awake in bed conjuring up a storyline instead of sleeping.”

That love of writing helped bring out her creativity and allowed Ciocca to build stores in her head, and worlds that no one had ever heard of. That, combined with her experience at Columbia, also allowed her to test the waters on essay writing.

“I write on emotional intelligence, psychology, sociology and philosophy that I post to my website,” Ciocca highlighted. “But it wasn’t until 2015, at 25, that I began to write literary fiction.”

Ciocca elaborated on the process, describing how she started the process by writing a lengthy manuscript. Often, the process involved finishing a manuscript and editing it several times.

She expressed that much of the appeal in short story writing resulted because it allowed her to focus on characters, language, and a manner in which it allowed readers to delve into other perspectives and mindsets.

“This is imperative for emotional intelligence, empathy and generating a world that is conciliatory and works as a whole rather than independent parts fighting for their part in the whole,” she added.

Her favorite part of writing includes material that centers on emotional, philosophical, psychological and sociological undertones with a heavy emphasis on character development and interaction.

“People often consider emotions to be illogical,” Ciocca points out. “I believe this is due to the fact that in general, we are highly underdeveloped in this sector. Many of us go throughout life without understanding how to logically analyze our emotional reactions.”

As she continues to strengthen her writing resume, Ciocca also intends to get a clear message out.

“My main aim is to implement emotional intelligence classes in school, workplaces and community spaces,” said Ciocca. “The emotional intelligence classes are not assessable to those without ample time or monetary funds.”

Ciocca’s hope is that through her writing, she can help attract heavy influence to generate a network, some funding and the experience needed to achieve these goals. A stronger network would allow her to expand and continue to build through her writing.

She believes young writers starting out need to always have that belief in their abilities. There is an emphasis on networking, as she believes it would have a huge impact on future writing careers. Her website displays all her work, including short stories and articles related to the topic.

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