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At RB Hayek Productions, we believe in providing excellent service to all of our clients. We’re dedicated to enabling you to live your life more fully, and our approach is what sets us apart. Read what our clients are saying below.

Robert has great knowledge of the subject matter he tackles and has a great way of how he uses words to build and create a great story. A highly recommended storyteller.

DT Crawford, KIG Holdings

Writing and Editing Services

Forming A Great Story For All


We have mass experience in ghostwriting services. We can take your book to the next level. 

Video Editing

We have done video editing for several large companies including Fox, CBS and Horsemen. We provide expert video editing with experience using Final Cut Pro, Adobe and many others.


We have over a decade of experience in editing books, scripts and articles. We will make sure whatever you are writing is ready to go.



We All Have A Story To Tell

RB Hayek has been writing for over a decade. A graduate of Cal State Fullerton, Hayek authored two books and a writing credit on two web series. He has written freelance for several websites and also has worked for several prominent companies including Fox Sports and CBS Sports. When he is not writing, Hayek enjoys surfing, playing tennis and basketball.


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Bringing Stories To Life

At RB Hayek Productions, our staff can assist you with everything from daily administrative tasks to elderly home care. Guaranteeing that we can be the Personal Services that simplifies your life. Contact us today!


About Us

RB Hayek Productions is dedicated to bring you the best writing services as well as showcasing writing from various works. For over a decade, RB Hayek had been writing books, articles and web shows. His experience and visual storytelling makes him ideal to tell your story.

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