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How I Would Have Done The DC Universe Part 5: Man of Steel 2

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

In my universe, DC has now completed six successful movies in three years. Those movies are Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, the Flash The Fastest Man Alive, the Green Lantern Core, the Batman, and finally the Martian Manhunter. This is where they can start upping the ante and taking more chances. In February 2016, DC releases the sequel to Man of Steel titled Man of Steel 2, which would offer two new characters into the fold. One new character would be Bizarro, whom Lex Luthor creates to match Superman’s strength. The other new character I would introduce to this movie would include Hank Henshaw, an astronaut.

For casting, Cavill would reprise his role as Clark Kent. Amy Adams would reprise her role as Lois Lane. Mark Strong would return as Luthor. I would cast Tom Holland as Jimmy Olsen, making the character’s film debut. For Bizarro, I would have Cavill play the character initially and then once the character deformed, had any other that matched his build rock the role. For Henshaw, I would cast Matt Bomer. If you have seen his work on Doom Patrol, then it would be apparent this actor can knock difficult roles out of the park. I would add other characters central to the DC Universe like Amanda Waller. I would bring back Viola Davis from the Flash movie I penned. I would also bring back Harry Lemix as the Martian Manhunter because he officially met Clark Kent in his own movie. The timing would be flawless.

So this is where we get to the story. The movie begins with Amanda Waller and her secret organization Cadmus attempting to determine if there are any extraterrestrial threats to the Earth. They do not want to have anything invade the Earth and are more afraid because of the introduction of Superman. There is also fear because of what happened between the Martian Manhunter and his brother. There is an accident on a shuttle and everyone on board dies except for one man, Hank Henshaw. Cadmus saves him and fixes his body with robotics, giving him strength, similar to how Luthor created Metallo.

Speaking of Luthor, he is still angry about what happened in the first movie. While his image may be squeaky clean, he still resents Superman for gaining popularity and the people of Metropolis loving him. Luthor wants to be the one person the people love. It also upsets him he cannot control Superman. Following Superman’s fight with Metallo in the first movie, Luthor gathered traces of Superman’s DNA because of the blood the Man of Steel lost. Mixing this DNA with cloning devices, Luthor’s team creates a duplicate. The duplicate has all of Superman’s powers except for one major flaw; the duplicate is an idiot. This creature cannot speak coherently and says the opposite of what he means. Luthor deems the project and failure and tells his team to dispose of the creature. Instead, the Bizarro Superman, hearing noises in his head that drive him insane, attacks the facility and only stops once Luthor reasons with him, telling him he can help him. Luthor says he will give Bizarro the peace he seeks if he destroys Superman.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent is getting closer to Lois Lane as they have a date scheduled. Their date ends unexpectedly when Bizarro attacks the restaurant in search of Superman. Kent makes his excuses to Lois and then goes off to fight Bizarro as Superman. The two have a giant fight across Metropolis that ends at a standstill. Bizarro escapes and Superman does not know what hit him. He logically concludes that Luthor has something to do with it and confronts the man, but Luthor denies all involvement and tells Superman to leave him alone.

Cadmus has built Henshaw into a cyborg and the effects make him go nuts. Henshaw escapes and terrorizes Metropolis. Superman tends to this and realizes there is another being that has his powers. This also leads to a fight that escalates. Superman is struggling to combat Cyborg Superman when the Martian Manhunter appears out of nowhere. The Martian Manhunter explains to Superman that he has been watching things unfold for a while and confirms that Luthor created Bizarro and a group called Cadmus created Cyborg Superman to save Henshaw’s life.

Superman and the Martian Manhunter confront Waller, and Cadmus uses fire to take down the Martian Manhunter and kryptonite to take down Superman. The two heroes feel weakened and just in time for Cyborg Superman to arrive. Henshaw tells the heroes that he lost his life looking out for extraterrestrial threats like Martians or Kryptonians. Henshaw battles both men, showing off his superior abilities. Eventually, Superman and the Martian Manhunter escape their holdings and work together to take down Henshaw. Waller claims that neither Superman nor the Martian Manhunter has any jurisdiction over them. But before the heroes can do anything, there is an attack at the Daily Planet.

Bizarro is still angry searching for meaning in his life and angry at Superman. He kidnaps Lois Lane off the advice of Luthor and takes her back to a secret facility. Superman and the Martian Manhunter united to track them down and walk right into a trap. Luthor’s men take down the Manhunter with fire similar to what Cadmus did. However, Superman prepares for this and comes out to fight in a rubber suit. He brawls with Bizarro and it turns out that Kryptonite does not affect Bizarro. The suit rips and Superman feels all the effects of the Kryptonite. To defeat Bizarro, Superman reasons with him and points out that Luthor is the true villain and names all the things he did. In a fit of rage, Bizarro turns on Luthor and destroys the facility, but Luthor escapes. Superman saves Lois and the Martian Manhunter while Bizarro stays back to hold the ceiling from crumbling down on them, using his last act for good.

The movie ends with Superman and Martian Manhunter parting ways, agreeing to a team up in the future with more members. Lois concludes that Clark Kent and Superman are the same, and Clark admits it. The very last scene we see is Superman flying off into the sunset with Lois. There is a post-credits scene, and it is Brainiac scanning the universe for planets to conquer, and Earth is visible.


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