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How to Write a Book: Marketing Your Book on Social Media

Today you will not only learn how to write a book but also understand how to market your book on social media. Social media is a tool that can be deceptive. Mainly, it is good for getting your product out there. But there are some positives and negatives to each social media website. Ultimately, you have to figure out how to get around the algorithms. This article aims to help you understand the proper ways of marketing your book on social media and how to use every channel efficiently.

How to Write a Book and Get It Out on Facebook

Facebook is such a massive tool for authors. However, it is best to understand what kind of tools you have at your disposal before you get your book out there. There are author arc reader groups (which we will discuss in a later article), which is an excellent place to meet potential arc readers. Then, there are other groups like the Author’s Table, which is a collection of authors that will help each other out.

You will find people on Facebook who are avid book readers. Additionally, you will also find fellow authors who are willing to help you if you have any questions. When you are learning how to write a book, it can come in handy. Furthermore, when you are marketing your book on social media, arc reader groups are the best place to start. It gets people interested.

Other good groups you might find on Facebook are community groups. Moreover, these are groups of people that come together because they live in the same populated area. I am in an Orange County business group because that is the county where I live. Therefore, it is good to get into a business community group.

Marketing Your Book on Twitter

Twitter is not the best place to market your book. Honestly, it is basically everyone speaking into the void unless you have a massive following and get engagement on a constant basis. But there are some positives. Significantly, you will meet other authors who will sometimes boost your posts to get other people to see your work. It will help you establish relationships as an author. Moreover, when you are learning how to write a book, you will learn more from other authors about the pitfalls they dealt with. The Writing Community can be a good thing, depending on the people that are participating.

Marketing Your Book on Instagram

Instagram is also not a great place to get sales. However, it is a good place to get your book seen. Imagine if you have a book cover to debut or a book event to promote. Thys, Instagram is a great place for visuals. You can also do stories and reels if you know how to pull them off.

Some authors do reels that depict stories from their novels. One author did an entire reel of her novel, depicting the characters by acting them out. You can be as creative as you want with it. But remember that it is visual.

Marketing Your Book on TikTok

TikTok has something called BookTok. Yes, there are readers there. But the majority of people on TikTok are scrolling through for entertainment. Ultimately, they won’t shell out cash to buy your book unless you really impress them.

It is a good avenue to learn your video skills. Then, you can create reels on this social media app to get the news out about your book.

Marketing Your Book on YouTube

The best way to market your book on YouTube is to build an audience slowly. First, you have to hook them. Some YouTubers talk about current events in their industry. Thus, they build a connection to that audience. But you have to keep posting videos. Then, you have to put out engaging content.

YouTube is an excellent platform for putting out book trailers. Ultimately, it allows you to flex your talents in this avenue. Make sure the book trailer you make is engaging and interesting. Then, post it for the world to see.

In the end, regardless of whatever platform you pick to advertise your book, just make sure you know how to tailor it to your strengths. Finally, engage with your audience and always be ready to answer questions.

About Robert B. Hayek

Robert B. Hayek has been a thriller author for a decade now. He writes stories to entertain and advises other authors on appropriate steps. He has four published books, all available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and numerous other online retailers.

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