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How to Write a Book Part 3: Book Cover


To know how to write a book, you must understand the entire process from start to finish to truly establish yourself. You have read my articles on getting started and editing, but you should also understand what to do when finding a cover designer. Finding a cover designer falls upon you unless you are with a traditional publishing company. It is intimidating, and there are plenty of reasons to worry. However, finding a book cover designer who can help you is possible.

How to Write a Book While Finding the Perfect Book Cover

Writing your book does not have to be complicated. Likewise, finding a book cover designer does not have to be too challenging. You can find a good book cover designer if you are searching for them in the right places.

How to Find a Book Cover Designer

You can find a book cover designer on social media or the Writer’s Café. Both are great options for seeking someone to give you the desired design. However, remember that you want to find the designer that gives your book the cover it deserves. Your book cover is the first thing that anyone notices about your book. Once you find a book cover designer, meet with them to fully help them understand what you want in your book cover.

Finding a Design You Like

I created a video on book covers and outlined all my books, showcasing the final results. Ultimately, I have discovered websites where you can find free stock images. Free stock image websites like Pexels have given me the creative freedom to find images that suit the story I want to tell. Furthermore, it gives me some excellent recurring photos and videos to go off of. When I wanted to do the book cover for my third book, I wanted to create a tribute to the poster from Star Wars V: the Empire Strikes Back. I loved that shot of Darth Vader looming large over the protagonists, indicating impending danger. I did something similar for my book The Secret Link, where I had the antagonist Eduardo Benitez looming large in the background over my protagonists, Taylor Young, and Samantha Santos, highlighting the danger they faced. Every design must tailor toward the story you are writing.

Final Book Cover Design

The final book cover design should be the perfect thing to attract potential readers. Remember, the cover is the first thing potential readers will see. So you want to ensure that everything stands out. When I commissioned the cover of my last book, The Deathstalker, I asked the cover designer to combine the images of a man with a gun, London, and the flag for the United Kingdom. She did not disappoint and created the perfect mixture showing my main character mixed with the elements of the United Kingdom behind. Her work pleased me. To fully understand how to write a book, you must also ensure your book cover stands out. My next article will cover every writer’s favorite topic: marketing.

About Robert B. Hayek

Robert B. Hayek has been a thriller author for a decade now. He writes stories to entertain and advises other authors on appropriate steps. He has four published books, all available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and numerous other online retailers.

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