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How to Write a Book Part 2: Editing


You are here because you want to learn how to write a book and do so without issues. As a four-time author of crime thrillers, I am here to help guide you. In the last article, we talked about getting started in the process. You want to know how to write a book. But what happens after you write the first draft? Well, that is when you know it is time for editing.

Editing: Getting Started

Editing is a terrifying word for a lot of writers. It is always the self-doubt that creeps in with writers. It terrifies them when someone looks at their work and critiques their work. Ultimately, no one wants people to tell them their work sucks. But here is a spoiler: the first draft is supposed to suck. But where do you find an editor? First, before you send your draft to an editor, I highly recommend editing it yourself.

Self-Editing Tools like Grammarly

A significant part of knowing how to write a book is editing it properly. Therefore, you should edit it before sending it to someone. I recommend Grammarly. Ultimately, you can get the free version or the paid version. The free version will tell you the apparent mistakes you did not see.

Conversely, the paid version will give you stylistic suggestions that may help you in the long run. Grammarly offers three options to help you if you pay for the service. It can help you catch things you did not realize were in the book.

Places to Find Editors

The internet is a beautiful thing. Thus, it will not be challenging to find a talented editor. I go further into detail about this in my video about editing. You can use social media to find the best editors within the Writing Community. Places like Twitter and Facebook offer a vast network of editors looking for work. Another good place to find an editor is the Writers’ Café. It is where I found my editor; she has been with me since my second book.

How Much Will You Pay?

Every editor charges differently. Therefore, do not expect the same fee or the same value. What you should expect is a variety of services. My editor charges .003 cents per word for new writers. However, I pay .006 cents per word since I am a returning client. Conversely, other editors may charge thousands of dollars. Does this mean those editors are better than the cheaper editors? Not always. But you must understand the value of the edits. Writing your book takes a lot of time. Likewise, editing your book also takes your editor a lot of time.

How to Write a Book and Find the Best Editor

Writing your book is difficult. Furthermore, finding an editor that meshes with you is just as tricky. The best course of action would be to find an editor that gives you the needed service. For example, I asked for line editing and repetition edits. My editor was able to get that done for me. Whichever editor you choose, ensure it is someone you trust to ensure you publish the best book possible. Be sure to tune into my next article, which will cover the book cover.

About Robert B. Hayek

Robert B. Hayek has been a thriller author for a decade now. He writes stories to entertain and advises other authors on appropriate steps. He has four published books, all available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and numerous other online retailers.

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