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How I Turned Writing Into a Career

I have been writing for over a decade. In that decade, I have worked at CBS, Fox, Static Media, Horsemen Investigations, and many more companies. These businesses have all helped craft my skills and turn me into the writer I am today.

I am doing freelance writing while transitioning to a different career. Also, I have a book called Jon Drake coming out on November 1st. This book is a novel about a man that goes back to his hometown to get revenge on the men that killed his father while reconnecting with an old friend. So I have my feet in all these figurative puddles, and it has enabled me to plan a career out of it.

Let me be completely honest here; writing will not make you rich. There are a select few that can get wealth with this trade. However, it is something that does not come across

often. Despite that, you can turn writing into a lucrative career. My experience writing for a small company called Real Talk Sports Network helped me get a job at Fox Sports. That job helped me get a job at a company called Static Media.

At Static Media, I wrote about addiction and mental health. This experience allowed me to step into a new field without really altering much. I was still writing, just about something different that I never wrote before. What encouraged me was how good I became at it. I was calling people on the phone requesting interviews, speaking with police captains and firefighters. I also interviewed the number one steroid expert in the country.

While working here, I enhanced my AP style skills and also met some great writers that gave me a fresh perspective. It also taught me a brand new industry, which broadened my outlook and skills. Following my time at Static Media, I did work as a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting was fun. I got to craft someone else’s story and make it legible. I helped outline a client’s book, gave him extra characters, and make the novel flow. The client was happy with my work and said he would hire me again in a heartbeat if he ever needed another story. I also wrote two more books. One was a book about interviewing for a job, and the other was about emotional intelligence. A lot of research went into both those subjects, and it helped propel me as a writer.

This year, I worked at a company called Spafax. While I was not a writer at Spafax by title, I did some writing. The writing was mainly synopsis work. Spafax does airline entertainment. That means they could handle and screen everything you watch on your flight or their various competitors. The airline industry took a hit, and they let me go, despite not wanting to.

As I continue my writing journey, I hope to gain more experience with a multitude of industries. I have continued a freelance career while also helping promote my book. I am always ready to take my game to the next level. Writing is not my life, but I have made a career out of it, and I would not have it any other way.

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